Amazing secrets of new avatar power

Amazing Secrets of New Avatar Power
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Both alone are powerful forces.

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Thanks so much. It could certainly be expanded, because although there are s of books on those spirits, there are a couple of useful things missing. The HGA is coming eventually. A fourth gallery author will be published next year.

So astral projection is possible, but not set in stone yet. Thank you Damon for the reply, I really look forward to all the books in the future. I wish I could help and do more for you guys but I know you all got it covered. The red carpet is ready and waiting for the 4th gallery author.

Thank you very much indeed. So good to know. I agree with Gemma Weirs. The Robert Bruce method is the best. I recommend NEW energy ways too because when you will clear all your blockages, when you will raise energy in your energy centres, will activate all your chakras, you will travel in the astral pretty easily. Try the plank exercise. I mentioned before that I had done the ritual for my wife to find a new job and how it effected my Grand-daughter as well , all positively.

Well, my wife was offered the job and will start in December! Thank you spirits and of course you too Damon and Zanna for your input and opinions. I only wanted to choose 5 cards just to get their message.

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Well, Hot Damn! The first card was 3 of Wands opportunity , the second card was The Magician!!! It feels great. Avatar Power will tulle your body and mind to bring you back to bubbling wellbeing. To r,clin th,m, sllIpl, stllct 'our.

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Mark Bent! West Nyack. West Nyack, N. This book is a reference work based on research by the author.

The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of or endorsed by the Publisher. Cray-Cobb, Geof Amazing secrets of new avatar power. Llterally1 This whole book could be taken up with telling you about the fantastic things you can achieve with its help.


Craig Gillespie marked it as to-read Apr 01, I know now that my New Avatar Power is flooding to the surface. She pushed the coffee table to one side and stood in the center of the room. This one is similar to Test No. Is the world against you? First, carry out the New Avatar Power Ritual to Point A, under all the usual conditions at your usual time, lying out flat on your bed if you wish.

Happiness, They're just words until you actually experience them. A Cascade of cash and goods to fill your every need. Those, too. Commanding the minds of your colleagues. No problem. Canceling evil conditions as if they had never existed. Making your loved ones ecstatic with your habits and restored virility. Gaining raises and promotions. Bringing business to you. Helping your doctor banish sickness so that you glow with youthful vigor and health. All this, and more. Herewith my latest offering: may it help you to reach all your goals.

I could quote you letter after letter from grateful people who have turned their lives from misery to ecstasy and triumph by applying the suggestions I'm going to give you. Some of these can come later, as examples of what can be done. But let's not waste time here in giving a great many examples-you want these splendid things to happen to you, not to someone else, isn't that right? What I'm offering you is a way to change your life to whatever you wish it to be, without major physical efforts, without long hours of concentrated study-without anything more than applying Amazing Secrets of New Avatar Power which are spelled out for you in the following pages.

Let's get that behind us early on. New Avatar Power is a name. Nothing more: It's a name for a sparkling, miracle-working natural energy, which everyone has around him. Your mind, body, and soul run on New Avatar Power, and so does the whole Universe: the planets circle on their appointed orbits, the earth revolves, the wind blows, and you exist within an ocean of this natural energy.

This energy is not new. The ancients knew it, possibly better than we do today. Many sects, secret societies, cults, and metaphysical teachers are aware of this energy and advise how to make best use of it. What I am offering to you is not an undiscovered power to which I lay claim as the discoverer or inventor, My position in the equation is to offer you a valid way of employing the energy, explaining to you in detail, simply, how you can latch on to the cur- rents in this tide of energy and use it to shape your entire existence.

Psychic Power, Animal Magnetism But the energy we're talking about is the Unseen Ocean of LifeForce which blends the Universe into a harmonious whole. With that point established, we can proceed. You may, for instance, be thinking.

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I've read about it. So I don't need this book. This book is truly new. In the past four years I've read a small mountain of mail, accepted suggestions, analyzed the failures I'll tell you about those soon , and personally worked with this fresh approach to New Avatar Power to refine the method, to make it even simpler, and to make it more efficient. Have I succeeded? Very much so! As I said in my previous book, the following is not intended as an outing for my ego, nor is it intended to make you envious. I merely state what follows to show you that I've used New Avatar Power, made it work for me, and I'm not just mouthing theories while I starve in a garret.

I mentioned a five-figure bank balance, a rare and expensive sports-car, a luxurious penthouse in eastern Canada, and the success pattern which New Avatar Power had enabled me to reach from not very encouraging beginnings. While preparing the basic work for this book, and experimenting with the methods to get maximum effects, New Avatar Power has taken me higher, even more harmoniously and happily. The penthouse is in the past. The racing car is still going strong, with a second car added for convenience.

Now Marya, my wife, and l own a ranch in the country. I'm typing this manuscript at a desk looking out over our land, across our creek at a mighty river and snow-capped mountains on the edge of the West Canadian wilderness, yet close enough to civilization to get out and get involved when we feel so inclined. That was over four years ago, and I'm no youngster. My beard has grown gray and grizzled Marya says she likes it that way, so I must not New Avatar Power it any other color.

ISBN 13: 9780130238122

But my hair is growing like I was 18 again: every month I walk out of my barber's looking like a bank clerk of 20 years ago, and within four weeks I go back in looking like a hippie who never knew what scissors were for! No dyes, no treatment-just dark, dark hair keeps growing. A small point, indeed, but illustrating that, as I constantly repeat, anything is possible with New Avatar Power.

Yes, it continues to work for me. Many of you will have seen me enjoying myself on a TV panel game from Canada, called "Beyond Reason" and doing an astrological spot on a talk show. Please don't feel jealous as I tell you what a ball life is for me.