American Apocalypse: The Collapse Begins

American Apocalypse: The Collapse Begins (Unabridged)
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This is a post-nuclear holocaust novel, with the remnants of humanity holed up in a vast tower that rises into the sky. These people know nothing of their past, nor much about the present, but then a series of events result in a gradual revealing of the truth. George Turner, The Sea and Summer A novel within a novel, telling the story of Melbourne years from now as the waters of a climate changed world lap ever higher round the low-lying buildings of the city. These overpopulated tower blocks are inhabited by the Swill, kept in their place by the slightly more fortunate Sweet.

What shocks is not the so much the future but the contrast with a half-remembered past when the tide did what is supposed to do — come up and go back out again. No real eco-catastrophe premise here, but the central character is The Wall, built out from the eastern US seaboard in the Atlantic to make the country bigger and keep the sea out. But The Wall is the real star. Maggie Gee, The Ice People Gee imagines a globally warmed world which is returning to aridity and cold. Men and women are segregated. Cormac McCarthy, The Road America has burned, and a father and son trek across the country to the coast.

They only have a pistol to defend themselves against other would-be survivors. Redemptive or just harrowing? The world has been ravaged by climate change and Rachel is one of the survivors. Rachel lives alone, abandoned by her partner, and stalked by the mysterious Jez White — who has issues of his own.

Check out a map of where you live. What might it look like in ? Sarah Hall, The Carhullan Army Much of Britain is underwater and the country has been taken over by the Authority. This is the story of a woman who escapes the garrison town in which she lives, to try to reach a commune of women in the Lake District, in Carhullan, where she believes she will find sanctuary. Jim Crace, The Pesthouse But the writing is taut and appropriately dated — mirroring the state into which society has fallen.

There is redemption amid the destruction. Alex Scarrow, Last Light Max Frisch, Man in the Holocene Translated from German, this book locates us in a wet world of climate change.

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The protagonist, Geiser, is stuck in his house in a mountainside village as the rain pours down outside. Will the village be swept away in a landslide? Geiser ventures outside, to try to make sense both of his own life and the fragile world in which he lives it, but turns round halfway and comes home. Thanks to Rasmus Karlsson for suggesting this one. Saci Lloyd, The Carbon Diaries A climate change book for teenagers. But the climate change backdrop occasionally disappears from sight as this novel for teenagers turns into a … novel for teenagers.

The heroine, Laura Brown, catalogues her relationships with Mum, Dad and boyfriends in her diary, as well as her attempts to get a band together. So far, so normal. But the scenes toward the end, as the Thames Barrier fails, drag the narrative back to where it should be.

Toby Litt, Journey into Space Some catastrophe has befallen the Earth, but we never know what sort. A gaggle of humans has set off into space to find another habitable planet. We join the trip when those who set out on it are long since dead. There are some brief but interesting reflections on nature loss, memory, nostalgia.

This reads to me like a missed opportunity. Stephen Baxter, Flood The water rises inexorably, everywhere — and with the book reaching pp maybe you can imagine where it gets to. The best post-apocalypse books are good on the changes in society and people that environmental change wreaks. On this count, Flood fails — how on earth they are still on the internet when the floods are s of metres deep is beyond me. Stephen Baxter, Ark It takes off literally where Flood finishes, as a select few destined to survive the flood that has covered the entire planet board a starship destined for Earth II.

Plenty of suspension of disbelief required once again they build the starship from scraps left over from the old nuclear and space programmes but once the ship lifts off, the forty years yes, forty of space travel are powerfully recounted.

12 Statistics That Prove The Imminent Economic Collapse & Exploding Debt Apocalypse

The tribulations of a crew which ages in a tin can with perhaps no prospect of ever getting out are certainly thought-provoking. Liz Jensen, The Rapture Climate change with a twist and more in the background than the foreground. At the heart of the story is 16 year-old Bethany Krall, apparently capable of predicting natural disasters. Or is she somehow causing them? And what of the wheelchair-bound psychiatrist assigned to dealing with her? And her physicist lover? Do we care? By the end, not enough — although the climatic denouement is carried off with just about enough panache to overcome the faintly ridiculous circumstances with which Jensen surrounds it.

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American Apocalypse: The Collapse Begins [Nova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller set in. American Apocalypse book. Read 20 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. WITH THE ECONOMY IN FREE FALL ANDMILLIONS THROWN.

Matthew Glass, Ultimatum China and the USA are at loggerheads. But if real life looks bad, then the stand-off in Ultimatum reaches eye-popping proportions. This climate change novel is full of descriptions of drab high-level political meetings, and it struggles to get off the ground until the stakes get really high towards the end.

American Apocalypse: The Collapse Begins

Margaret Atwood, The Year of the Flood I was so looking forward to reading this one — probably too much. So as a semi-sequel, I had high hopes of The Year of the Flood. Sounds good? Create a List.

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