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We strive to offer a flying zone , open even during off-season times while many others are closed, to test pilots working for companies that build paragliders and harnesses. Once you have reached Baitoni, you have to turn right at the fire station and follow the signs for Idroland until you reach the landing zone in front of the lake.

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Exit the motorway at the Trento Nord junction and follow the road to Riva del Garda until you reach Sarche. At the bridge on the Caffaro torrent turn left and follow the signs to Baitoni; at the fire station turn right and follow the signs until you reach Idroland. Exit the A4 motorway at the Brescia Est junction and keep going until you reach Ponte Caffaro; at the bridge turn right, follow the signs to Baitoni and at the fire station turn right and keep going until you reach Idroland.


Paragliding Lake Idro. Perfect for birthdays, hen parties, bachelor parties, or just to spend time with friends.

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A look behind the insanity of TV pilot season. The fate of Something that happens at the screen-test level took Rogers by surprise. “You sign. Hollywood is one month into pilot season. Studios and networks always demand that any actor going in to test for a show sign a “test deal,”.

Test Pilot. From Verona or Brescia Exit the A4 motorway at the Brescia Est junction and keep going until you reach Ponte Caffaro; at the bridge turn right, follow the signs to Baitoni and at the fire station turn right and keep going until you reach Idroland. Pilot season is the annual high-pressure race to the finish line.

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With more and more cable networks producing original content the start and end times of pilot season as blurred. Once they have been produced, those pilots are presented to studio and network executives and sometimes to test audiences.

Each network then chooses between 4 and 8 pilots to present at The Upfronts where they are added to network schedules for the following season. Most pilots have about 6 weeks to cast anywhere from roles. However, because producers want to sell their idea, they usually jam pack that pilot with well known actors if they can.

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Later in the season casting will pull from agent submissions. Often actors on the aforementioned lists will opt out of auditions for already-established TV programs during this time. Lessmoney upfront, but it could pay off with more money and work in the future if the pilot goes to series.

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If you have representation, follow up with them now and figure out a game plan. This should include your own marketing plan of drop-offs, postcards and networking. Consider doing Casting Director Workshops with new casting offices, but also re-meets of people who like you they have called you in before or booked you.

Trigger-Happy Pilot Season: Recastings On The Rise This Year, Technology To Blame?

Even with great training, reps, some credits and business relationships, you might not get any pilot auditions. They leave a chasm for YOU to fill.

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Also, shows that have a full season pick-up order are still very, very active in casting!! Actors without reps should not rely on pilot auditions.


Most of the time casting goes to their industry list and then agent submissions. No matter the season, your focus should be on commercials, films and a very, few, specific tv casting directors who are open to seeing non-union actors. No excuses!

Now that Amazon and Netflix are in the game, the landscape is more and more crowded. Also there are a lot of the tried and true procedurals, medical dramas and crime dramas. See more here from the Hollywood Reporter on development trends. I went in for two comedies. Both were in November and December.

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That was a Netflix series. Variety has a list of up-to-the-minute series and pilot orders.


Deadline Hollywood is another great resource. There is also The Hollywood Reporter.