Taxation. An Interdisciplinary Approach to Research

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Seminars discussing these principles and perspectives will be integrated with the monthly LSE Taxation Seminars during the Michaelmas Term, which will provide students with direct exposure to leading speakers from a wide range of backgrounds on current debates in taxation.

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The LSE Taxation Seminars series, established since the s, brings together a wide variety of participants, including lawyers, economists, accountants and government officials. The Taxation Seminars provide an important forum for topical discussion on taxation.

This course will give students the opportunity to participate actively in the Taxation Seminars and to link insights from them to the methods of understanding tax law and policy studied in the course. Weekly two-hour seminars in the Michaelmas Term in a variable format, including seminar-discussions and monthly Taxation Seminars attended by a range of tax professionals. Avi-Yonah, et al.

Press, ; Mirrlees, et al. Press: ; Mirrlees, et al. Press, ; Lamb, et al.

Interdisciplinarity: 10 talking points

Chicago L. There will be a reading week in Week 6 of the MT. Students are expected to submit one 1,word formative essay. James, K.


The author declares that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. Our world is a complex place with complex problems. Gazprom, a Russian gas company, has been planning this project since the s and started active work there in The nutritional approach focuses on: the characterization and development of food consumption models and consumption levels based on the determining factors e. Keywords: marine mammal conservation, non-market valuation, natural resource economics, externalities, protected species policy Citation: Lent RJ Conservation benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to marine mammal science. Search for a person. International Relations, for example, is a discipline that contains 20 other disciplines.

Project : Research. Kathryn James Dr.

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Senior Lecturer , Law Resources. Email Kathryn.

here James monash. Biography Kathryn teaches and researches in the areas of comparative taxation law and policy, administrative law and property law.

Keywords Tax law and policy property law administrative law distributive justice. Can and should we reform the Goods and Services Tax? The justice of the tax base and the case for income tax Emerton, P.